Are we most livable?

Greetings friends, artistes, ‘burghians, yinzers, relocators, boomerangs and long time residents. As our fair city, Pittsburgh, embarks upon yet another renaissance, the Complaints N’at Choir is going to air YOUR grievances at the Three Rivers Arts Festival at 6 pm. Join us! Follow our performances through our calendar and share your experience with Facebook & Twitter.

Pittsburgh’s Inaugural Complaints N’at Choir is part of the International project, Complaint Choirs of the World.

Christiane D, would like to thank all the fabulous folks for submitting complaints.


7 thoughts on “COMPLAINTS N’AT CHOIR

  1. All these hipsters come to Pittsburgh and think it is a wonderful town, but they want to change the culture. After five years when they realize they can’t they move to Austin. Why are you so fucking bitter!

  2. Too many dead bodies found in the 3 rivers that were supposed to be proud of. What does this day about our culture. Disgusting!

  3. Until Brother Strawberry facing arrest for twisting balloons overturned unconstitutional law restricting free speech and artistic expression a performance like this was illegal!! Yet still no-one has initiated a campaign or even a graffiti artist to rename Strawberry way in his honor.

  4. Downtown is the city’s showcase to visitors- fix the potholes downtown FIRST! Clear the snow downtown FIRST! Many people who live outside of the city work downtown. Do you want them to want to live here too? Treat downtown like your showcase!
    (P.S. I love my city)

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